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System Prenos 3.0
(secure communication and automated data processing)

Přenos 3.0 is a software application that allows the interconnection of communication points (branch offices) over the network using TCP/IP protocol (e.g. the Internet). The branches interconnected this way (INTRANET) can exchange data by using secure communication protocol ("tunnelling"). This approach is based on a well-tested communication model Client/Server. To develop the system, the latest methods and knowledge in the area of secure information systems, data protection and communication technologies have been used.

Figure 1 - Sample of system topology

The software modularity and the possibility of a gradual extension of its functions by new script language commands allows the system to be used as a construction element for developing applications that need secure communication services but these are not the main project aims. In these situations system Přenos can not only save both resources and time when developing a software project but it can also increase its marketability.

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